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Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Sector: Catering, Food Services, F+B, Restaurants

Our client is a leading Food production company with an excellent reputation across the region. We are looking for an experienced Head of Product Development to be based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Job Overview

Permanent pursuit of product development and the introduction of new products, meet the wishes of customers, and follow – up design and production with various relevant departments of the company’s procedures, and to ensure the achievement of branches target.

Reporting to: Director of Marketing Department


  • Responsible for coordination of new product requirements with relevant departments and departments (operation – procurement – quality – marketing)
  • Responsible for developing the annual plan to create new products and develop existing products.
  • Responsible for managing the product development department in terms of distribution of tasks, evaluation, motivation and training of employees under its management.
  • Responsible for taking out new products within the following parameters:
  • Maintaining the company’s identity and specialization in Saudi cuisine
  • Taking into account the appropriate cost in product innovation in order to achieve suitable profitability for the company
  • Share customers in product innovation
  • Take into account the operational capabilities of the company
  • Taking into consideration the marketing dimension and its feasibility for sale
  • During the design of the new products, they will benefit from competitors’ experiences and take into consideration the changing tastes of consumers.
  • Responsible for achieving new products for planned sales targets
  • Responsible for developing appropriate packaging for new products which meets customer expectations
  • Monitors performance indicators for new products, raises periodic reports on the performance of new products, examines the causes of deviations and suggests appropriate corrective actions.
  • The operation shall deliver an integrated file for the new product after its approval, containing the mixtures, operating conditions and operating method, and shall train the specialists on the production
  • Develops old products on a marketing recommendation as a result of poor sales, customer feedback on quality or packaging, changing market trends, or improved product ideas.
  • Provides a plan for accreditation with a schedule of visits and participation and a forum for national and Gulf cooking exhibitions and events.

Key Skills

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership change
  • Integrity
  • Solve problems take resolution
  • Effective communication skills
  • Creative thinker
  • Managing resources effectively

Essential Requirements

  • Degree qualified preferably in the field of Food or Diploma in Cooking product
  • Courses and/ or certificates specialized in Saudi cuisines/ food is preferred
  • At least 5+ years experience in Saudi and Gulf cuisines
  • Minimum 2+ years in a Senior Management/ Head position
  • Must have experience in undergoing specialized cooking tests in a food production company (or a company’s central kitchen that makes food for several restaurant outlets)
  • Experience in R&D for food products
  • Open to Arab nationals in KSA now


  • Salary to be used as a guide only and will reflect experience levels and interview performance
  • Salary is between 25k – 35k SAR per month total package

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